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A GENEROUS Leicester electrician has donated four Samsung TV’s and Playstation 5’s to the city’s children’s hospital  – after raising £4,000.

What started as a joke for Paul Liggins around seven years ago has since turned into a legacy for the Leicester resident when he took to social media commenting on his holiday weight gain. He vowed to donate £50 to a charity if he was successful in getting back into his jeans. 

Fast forward to now and Mr Liggins regularly interacts with local businesses for prizes for his charity raffles, including his most recent ‘Liggo’s Xmas Mega Raffle’ for Leicester Children’s Hospitals.

Image: Leicester’s Hospitals

“I’m just a normal bloke but I love doing this and I should have started years ago,” he said of his achievements.

“Seeing people’s faces light up when I deliver the gifts and knowing the children in hospital are having a better time is what it’s all about.”

Paul also plans to donate toys and ward resources from the Play Team’s Amazon wish over the coming weeks.

Chandni Dada, senior play specialist at Leicester Children’s Hospitals, expressed her gratitude for Mr Liggins generous efforts.

“We know that his gifts and resources will make such a difference to the paediatrics patients experience with us, and promote positive play while in our care,”  she said.

“We can’t thank him enough for thinking of us and our patients this Christmas.”

Mr Liggins says that he plans to make 2022’s donation “even bigger” and wished to thank all those who had helped him with this year’s charitable effort .

“It’s fantastic to receive this appreciation from the hospital and so nice to hear about how much it means to everyone there, but it’s not just about me,” he said.

“I’m so lucky to know so many amazing people and I want you to know how fantastic you are and for you all to be proud of what you’ve done. Let’s make it even bigger this year!”