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£70 Fines for Drivers who Stray into New Leicester Bus Lane

Motorists who drive in a designated bus lane on part of the A50 can expect to be slapped with a £70 fine from this week onwards.

Camera enforcement action began on a section of the A50 Groby Road from January 2. However, for the first two-weeks, only warning letters were sent out to motorists found breaking the rules.

A total of 136 drivers were caught driving in the bus lane during this period of grace.

Leicester Time: £70 Fines for Drivers who Stray into New Leicester Bus Lane
Picture: Unsplash

Now, enforcement has this week begun in earnest, meaning motorists caught driving in the bus lane will face a £70 fine.

The enforcement camera is on the city-bound section of the A50 near Medina Road, and is active 24 hours, seven days a week, including bank holidays. The only vehicles allowed to use the bus lane are buses, Hackney carriages and cycles.

It is the latest measure designed to improve safety and traffic flow on that section of the A50. The 30mph speed limit has recently been extended to cover more of that section of road, to manage traffic flow and to cut the number of traffic accidents.

The A50 bus lane camera enforcement is costing around £60k, from the Government’s National Productively Investment fund.

Leicester deputy city mayor for transport, clean air and climate emergency, Cllr Adam Clarke, said: “Keeping our bus network moving is key to ensuring we have a reliable, affordable and convenient public transport system.

“Unfortunately, when other vehicles clog up bus lanes, they slow down those bus services and cause unnecessary disruption and delays.

“The A50 Groby Road is a key part of city’s road network and a vital bus corridor, and therefore camera enforcement will help ensure traffic flow continues to move freely for the benefit of all road users.”

Bus lane camera enforcement is already in place at several other sites across Leicester, to ensure that important bus routes are not obstructed by other vehicles, delaying vehicles and adding to traffic congestion.