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Ashby Town Council ‘Disgusted’ after Lifesaving Equipment Trashed by Vandals

A Leicestershire town council has hit out at “disgusting” vandals, who have destroyed a vital piece of lifesaving equipment in the community.

Ashby de la Zouch Town Council has issued a statement, expressing its disgust at the damage to a defibrillator outside Huntingdon House, which is “beyond repair.”

Leicester Time: Ashby Town Council 'Disgusted' after Lifesaving Equipment Trashed by Vandals
Picture: Ashby Town Council

A message posted alongside a photo of the damage, says: “We are absolutely disgusted to see that the defibrillator on Huntingdon House has been vandalised beyond repair and the vital lifesaving equipment has been stolen.

“The CCTV will be reviewed but if anyone has any information we would appreciate it. This will be costly to replace.”

Members of the Ashby community have reacted to the incident with outrage.

“Absolutely heartbreaking. We lost my brother to cardiac arrest at just 31 years of age, 9 years ago. What we would have given to have access to such a defibrillator,” wrote one resident online.

“To destroy something that can saves lives is beyond incomprehensible. I hope whoever did it never has to go through what our family has and is continuing to go through. “

“No words for this,” added another.

“I lost my dad two years ago to a heart attack! I can’t believe someone would do this! It’s utterly disgusting and I hope the CCTV finds them and they get a substantial punishment.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101, or contact the town council directly on: 01530 416961.