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Astronaut Tim Peake’s new space tour coming to Leicester

The first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station (ISS) will be in Leicester as part of his new tour.

Leicester Time: Astronaut Tim Peake's new space tour coming to Leicester
Picture: Tim Peake

Tim Peake will head to De Montfort Hall on Thursday, September 12. Promoters said that following the success of his debut tour, Tim will return to the stage with ‘Astronauts: The Quest To Explore Space’.

They said the tour will “bring to life the awe-inspiring adventures of those pioneering explorers we call astronauts” using “extraordinary” archive material and footage. After an 18-year career in the Army, Tim joined the European Space Agency (ESA). While there, he made history in December 2015, becoming the first astronaut from Britain to visit the ISS.

He retired from the agency in 2023, but has continued to work with them and the UK Space Agency as an ambassador for space to inspire young people to follow careers in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Promoters said: “He’ll reveal what spaceflight is really like: from the wondrous view of Earth, living in weightlessness, the unique dangers and unexpected moments of humour, to the years of training and gruelling psychological and physical pressures an astronaut must endure.”

Tim’s debut tour, My Journey to Space, ran from 2021 to 2023. He said: “Being able to share a small taste of what I have discovered during my time as an astronaut – from my own stories to the groundbreaking moments from the past, present and future of space exploration – The Quest To Explore Space will give space fans a unique insight into this most magical place.”

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