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Colin Pitchfork, the double child killer and rapist who was recalled to prison weeks after approaching women, is to be considered for release again this year it has been revealed.

Pitchfork, who killed two 15-year-old girls in Narborough and Enderby, was released last September after 33 years in jail.


He was quickly returned to jail, after probation staff raised concerns about his behaviour.

The 62-year-old is understood to have approached young women on multiple occasions while out on walks from his bail hostel.

The Parole Board has now confirmed that a hearing is expected to take place this Autumn, a move which could see Pitchfork returned to freedom once more.

The options available will be to refuse his release, grant release or recommend he moves from a closed prison to an open prison.

South Leicestershire MP Alberto Costa, who campaigned against Pitchfork’s release, believes he still poses a “very serious” threat to public safety.

He wants him to remain behind bars indefinitely.

“As my constituents will know, I have long held very serious concerns about the threat to public safety still posed by Pitchfork, and as ever, I will continue doing all I can to oppose his release,” he said.

“Given Pitchfork’s recall to prison after only a matter of weeks following his release on licence last November, it is quite clear that he still presents a very real risk to my constituents and the general public.”

“During our meeting it was confirmed that Pitchfork will face an oral hearing in front of the Parole Board, and that this will likely take place in autumn later this year,” said Mr Costa.

“It was also confirmed to me that Pitchfork is very likely residing in a closed prison at present, and that he will likely remain there until his parole hearing takes place.”

The Parole Board’s release rate is one in four, meaning 75 per cent of the prisoners reviewed are refused release.

Pitchfork could, in theory, be released straight from a closed prison but this is rare.

The MP has been highly critical of the Parole Board’s actions in directing Pitchfork for release, especially after he was recalled to prison after only a matter of weeks due to serious concerns over his behaviour.

He was given life, for the rape and murders of 15-year-olds Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth in 1983 and 1986 respectively.