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‘Big Hearted’ Bosses Wanted for ‘CEO Sleepout’ in Leicester

CEO Sleepout, a national initiative aiming to raise vital funds and awareness of the growing issue of homelessness, is coming to Leicester for the first time ever, and is calling on local business leaders to take part.

Organisers of the sleepout events ask business leaders and executives from cities across the UK to spend a night in the cold to help raise awareness and money to support those who are homeless.

The first event in Leicester will take place at the Mattioli Woods Welford Road Stadium on April 6.

Leicester Time: 'Big Hearted' Bosses Wanted for 'CEO Sleepout' in Leicester
Picture: CEO Sleepout

Chief executive of the charity, Bianca Robinson is looking for 50 of Leicester’s big-hearted company bosses to step up to the challenge and raise a combined total of £50,000.

“Business leaders have the power, the opportunity and the responsibility to ensure they are active within communities and play a role in strengthening the fabric of society,” she said.

“It is my hope that while looking up at the stars at 3am, they will consider actions they can take as leaders, and enforce these into their business to create greater social impact.”

Speaking of the main aim of CEO Sleepout, Bianca added: “We aim to raise big money to support charities on the frontline of homelessness in the city, and at the same time bring business leaders together to gain a deeper understanding of the issues around homelessness locally.”

Key players in the city have supported the organisers of the charity in bringing its event to the area, particularly Leicester Tigers, who have agreed to host the sleepout and Lord Lieutenant Mike Kapur, a signatory on Leicester’s Homelessness Charter, and Vice Lord-Lieutenant Murray Colville.

Murray, who is taking part in his first sleepout, is no stranger to sleeping rough. “I’ve been a soldier most of my life so I know what it entails, but having to sleep rough long term because of personal circumstances is an altogether different matter.

“Many homeless people are veterans and I feel an affinity to them and enormous sympathy.”

Speaking of why he decided to sign up for CEO Sleepout, he said: “I wanted to help raise awareness of the situation for those who have nowhere else to turn and highlight the discomfort and potential dangers they face.”

Funds raised at this event will support charities under the Leicester Homeless Charter, CEO Sleepout UK and the Leicester Tigers Foundation.

The Leicester Tigers Foundation utilises the power and expertise within Leicester Tigers Rugby Club to help make a positive difference in the lives and opportunities of thousands of individuals and groups every year. 

To date, CEO Sleepout has raised an incredible £3.6 million from events across the country, helping to support those who find themselves sleeping on the streets.

To find out more and take part in Leicester’s first-ever CEO Sleepout, visit: