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Coalville Man Branded “Evil” by Family of Murdered Megan Newborough

The family of a woman who was murdered in Leicestershire, say they are “shattered beyond repair” as her “evil ” killer is found guilty of murder.

Ross McCullam of Coalville, has been convicted of the murder of Megan Newborough, following a six week trial at Leicester Crown Court.

Leicester Time: Coalville Man Branded "Evil" by Family of Murdered Megan Newborough
Picture: Ross McCullam

The court heard how the 30-year-old strangled Ms Newborough before cutting her throat in his parents home last August 6.

After murdering Miss Newborough, a 23-year-old HR worker from Nuneaton, McCullam dumped her body in a country lane close to Woodhouse Eves.

In a statement following the conviction, Miss Newborough’s family said they had been “ripped apart” by her murder.

“It’s difficult to put into words the feeling we have knowing we won’t see our daughter, sister, granddaughter and cousin prosper as a young adult.

“We’re extremely grateful for the love and support given by those closest to us, but we’re still living in a nightmare,” they said.

“We simply don’t know where to begin. We’re a large, close-knit family and our lives have been well and truly ripped apart.

“Having a knock at your door in the early hours of the morning to say a loved one is dead is something nobody should ever have to deal with. At that moment, our hearts were shattered beyond repair. Again, it’s almost impossible to describe how numb you become. You’re unable to think, sleep or function properly.”

In their statement, the family described Megan as someone who “shone like a star” – and someone with a “bright future ahead of her.”

Leicester Time: Coalville Man Branded "Evil" by Family of Murdered Megan Newborough
Picture: Megan Newborough

She was just days away from her 24th birthday and was about to move into her own house when she was killed by McCullam – a colleague who she’d been seeing for around a month.

In court, it was heard that he tried to cover up her murder by texting her phone and even leaving a voice message, telling her that that she was amazing and that he loved her – at the same time as he was disposing of her body.

He will be sentenced at Leicester Crown Court on Friday, December 16.

“Megan’s story is our story – we’re the ones serving the life sentence,” continued her family.

“She was an incredibly good judge of character. She knew who she could and couldn’t trust. She left home that night in a very happy mood. The thought of what happened to her just hours later – and the evil facing her – is something we can’t escape.

“The same thoughts constantly go around in our heads – should we have known? Is there anything we could’ve done? We’re still overcome with guilt for not protecting her.

“Everything still doesn’t seem real and when we’re at home, we still expect Megan to walk through the front door. It’s an expectation we don’t think will ever leave us.”