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A Leicester man has been sentenced to five years and four months in prison, after viciously attacking his ex-partner.

Simon Toussaint broke into his ex-partner’s house in Queniborough, Leicestershire, and subjected her to two “vicious” assaults, back in April and May. These included grabbing her by the throat, punching and kicking her multiple times in the head, back and ribs and dragging her across the room by her hair.

Picture: Leicestershire Police

After carrying out the sustained attacks, the 31-year-old of Robin Close, Leicester, continued to torture this ex-girlfriend – attempting to call her more than 400 times in the week after the incident in May and leaving her multiple threatening voicemails and text messages.

At Leicester Crown Court, he admitted eight offences, including actual bodily harm, coercive or controlling behaviour, witness intimidation and breaching orders.

On Friday, he was sentenced to five years and four months in jail, and will be be subject to a five-year restraining order upon release.

Although many of the physical injuries have now healed, Toussaint’s victim, who does not wish to be named, is still coming to terms with the mental and emotional trauma she endured.

“The abuse started early in our relationship, first verbal – name calling and putting me down all of the time but this quickly turned into a slap or a punch here and there,” she said.

“As I got deeper into the relationship I started to withdraw from family and friends and by the time the violence and abuse has escalated I was alone. I felt I had no one to turn to even if I wanted to.

“He had more control over me than I had over myself. I felt it was easier to dance with the devil than face anyone else. 

“Even after the first serious beating I continued to beg for his approval. Despite what he had done to me I would have done anything to have him stay with me. I had no confidence whatsoever – he had beaten everything out of me with the abuse he had subjected me to.

“After the events in May I knew it needed to stop,” she added. “I received so much support from the officer dealing with my case and support agencies too. I didn’t want Simon to win, he has already taken so much from me.”

PC Lorraine Hendrie, from Leicestershire Police’s domestic abuse investigation unit praised the victim for the “extreme strength and bravery” she showed during the investigation.

“She has shown extreme strength and bravery throughout the investigation and I am just thankful he has now admitted carrying out these crimes and the victim has the justice she deserves so she can attempt to rebuild her life,” she said.

“I hope by shining a light on this case it helps other victims to reach out and get the help and support they need to put a stop to the abuse.”