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Leicester Medic warns not to be tempted by ‘January Sale’ anti-wrinkle Injections

An Emergency Department consultant who is also the Medical Director of Healand Clinic in Leicester has warned that cheaper anti-wrinkle injections showcased as a ‘January Sale’ could go on to have a big cost in the longer term. 

Dr Omar Babar, Medical Director at Healand Clinic, said: “The truth behind why anti-wrinkle treatments might be so cheap during January is that the person who is injecting them is not actually qualified, trained or experienced in the health industry.

Leicester Time: Leicester Medic warns not to be tempted by ‘January Sale’ anti-wrinkle Injections
Healand Clinic

“This combined with the ‘new year, new me’ trend happening right now means people may be quick to turn to unprofessionally administered aesthetics by unqualified people just because of the ‘cheap’ price tag. We must all remember though that our faces are very delicate and require professional advice and trained techniques to ensure any injections are properly administered.  

“My advice is people should not be hooked in too much by just the ‘January Sale’ angle and must do their research. Taking time to understand a practitioner’s qualifications, their training and undergoing a thorough consultation is always the best and the safest option when it comes to aesthetic treatments. In the short term if anything goes wrong you have the right people on hand to help and in the long-term you have the right people supporting your wellness journey.”

Dr Omar Babar opened Healand Clinic in 2023 as he has seen first-hand over the past decade working in the NHS how important wellbeing and health is for everyone. 

Healand Clinic offers a range of aesthetic treatments which are administered by fully trained clinicians who evaluate individual needs, goals and recommend the best approach in achieving the desired results.

Dr Omar Babar, said: “My medical experience has shown me that people’s health is their ultimate priority and as a medical professional people’s optimum health is my priority too.

“People need as much help and support as possible to look after their health needs. This includes assessing and understanding people’s full medical history as well as determining which treatment plan is most suited to them. Low-cost sale style treatments may be tempting short term but long term they could be detrimental emotionally, mentally and physically.”