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A Leicester couple have honoured the memory of their “little miracle son” by donating toys to the city’s Children’s Hospital during Eid.

Asiya Parekh and her husband Imran took a donation of toys to Leicester Children’s Hospital this morning (Friday, April 29) in memory of their son Yahya, who passed away in 2020, at the age of two.

Picture: Leicester Hospitals Charity

The baby was not expected to survive past two months, after being born with a number of serious heart complications.

However, after defying the odds, the couple have honoured Yahya’s memory in the years since his death, by pledging to buy toys for babies and children at the hospital, who are facing the same challenges that he did.

As a result of this year’s campaign, Asiya has been able to buy £3,000 worth of toys for children currently staying on the wards.

She told the Leicester Times that the fundraising initiative, which she has carried out for three years, has helped her to deal with the loss of her beloved son, who she referred to as her “brave little lion”.

“He changed our lives in many ways, and one of the many ways is the fundraising aspect of it, and wanting to help out children who are like him, who have to visit the hospital, regardless of what kind of illness they have”, she said.

“It’s about spreading a bit of magic and a bit of joy, and it helps me deal with the grief and the loss of Yahya, and it keeps me connected to him in a strange away as well, which is really nice”, she added.

“He was very brave. ‘Little lion’ is what we referred to him as for years, and I think we have to show that same bravery and resilience in his loss to continue that legacy on. It’s about living the way he did, and that bravery and resilience that he showed in those two years, we have to now continue that through for the rest of our lives”.

Asiya was able to carry out her impressive fundraising mission this year, in collaboration with Ramadan Radio.

Kamlesh Mistry, Community and Events Fundraising Manager at Leicester Hospitals Charity expressed thanks to Asiya, as well as the station and its avid listeners.

“Supporting our children’s wards during Eid celebrations with such kind gifts means ever so much to the hospitals and will definitely bring joy and happiness to our younger patients”, she said.

“We’re so pleased to support Asiya throughout the month of Ramadan and she’s done a fantastic job fundraising well over her £3,000 target”, added Lisa Davies, Director of Leicester Hospitals Charity.

“Thank you to Ramadan Radio and all their listeners, the money raised has help to purchase toys that will bring so much joy and happiness for all the young patients in Leicester Hospitals children’s wards”.