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Plans for new viaduct to reunite Great Central Railway line

Plans for a new viaduct to reunite two halves of the Great Central Railway have been announced.

The Great Central Railway is preparing to submit a planning application for it’s ambitious Reunification scheme. A new image has been released of the urban viaduct section, which will carry the line linking the two separate halves of the Great Central Railway back together.

Leicester Time: Plans for new viaduct to reunite Great Central Railway line
Picture: Great Central Railway

The project will create an eighteen mile heritage line stretching from the north of Leicester to the south of Nottingham, centred on Loughborough.

The Great Central Railway line ran between Leicester and Nottingham until the 1970s, when old bridges and an embankment were removed.

General Manager of the Great Central Railway Malcolm Holmes said, “We’ll be submitting our planning application in a matter of weeks, so we want to tell people about our plans. The new image shows a train running on the proposed viaduct. Originally we had expected to build an embankment around 300 metres long but the space we have available would have made that quite complex. Our new plan needs 100 metres of embankment, then 200 metres of viaduct. It should be slightly cheaper and simpler to construct.”

This section of railway will also include two steel bridge spans, one to carry the railway across a culvert, the other to take it over Railway Terrace road in Loughborough. The full designs will be included in the planning application along with the necessary reports.

Malcolm continued, “After we have submitted our planning application we’ll need to spend around half a million pounds taking the design documents and turning them into construction and engineering blueprints. Those documents are essential – as is planning consent – before we can build again. While we have £2m already raised for the project, we want to protect as much of that fund as possible for actual building work. Our new appeal for half a million pounds is to fund the vital next steps and get this epic project ‘shovel ready.’ The more money we raise, the sooner we can build again and the more we can achieve.”

Anyone who wants to donate to the project can do so via: