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Real-life Scooby Doo Caged for Most of his Life, Now Looking for Forever Home in Leicester

A real-life Scooby Doo kept confined in a cage for most of his life is available for adoption at a Leicester rescue centre.

Fifteen-month-old Doberman-cross Scooby looks the spitting image of cartoon character Scooby Doo. He has spent the last six months at RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester but is really struggling in kennels because he is very intelligent. Scooby was rescued by RSPCA inspectors when he was 9-10 months old, having been kept in a cage for the first part of his life, so this has meant he has a behavioural plan.

Leicester Time: Real-life Scooby Doo Caged for Most of his Life, Now Looking for Forever Home in Leicester
Picture: RSPCA

Similar to the cartoon character Scooby Doo, he is food-oriented, wary of strangers and loud noises, but is very bright so is on the lookout for a family who will take him on adventures to keep his brain stimulated. 

An RSPCA Woodside spokesperson said: “Similar to the cartoon character, Scooby is wary of strangers, but can easily be won over with Scooby snacks, at which point he turns into a goofy, playful, silly pup around them. Given he can be sensitive to loud noises, he is looking for a Shaggy to call his own, to help reassure him.

“Scooby is very intelligent so would thoroughly enjoy living with active owners in a rural home, who will encourage him to participate in dog activities such as mantrailing, cani-cross or dog agility.

“Recently, RSPCA Woodside staff have been honing Scooby’s man-trailing skills by encouraging him to find volunteers hiding from him in the woods. Scooby thoroughly enjoys learning new activities and games so these activities hopefully help to relieve some stress from being in kennels for the past six months.” 

Scooby is a friendly dog who could live with a calm female dog. He does have a strong chase drive though and can become over-excited about food so he can’t live with cats and can only live with children aged 16+.   

Anyone interested in adopting Scooby can call 0116 233 6677, or can apply for him online at: