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‘Scores are settled on the pitch’ say Leicestershire Police

As football fever grips the country, Leicestershire Police is leading national campaign to remind football fans: ‘scores are settled on the pitch.’

Leicestershire Police has led forces across the country to share an important reminder for football fans during the European Championship tournament this summer.

A campaign which aims to reduce violence and ‘one punch murders’ has been rolled out across England and Wales ahead of and during the Euros this summer.

Leicester Time: 'Scores are settled on the pitch' say Leicestershire Police

Violence is thought to increase during football tournaments as people come together in busy pubs and bars to watch games, often consuming more alcohol than normal.

Research shows that most incidents are caused by small triggers, something as basic as an error in judgement, a spilled drink, or a rude comment.

The ‘Walk Away’ campaign aims to equip football fans with practical steps they can take, when safe to do so, to de-escalate a heated situation, including:

  • A quick apology on behalf of a friend can help clear up a misunderstanding before things get heated
  • If someone is squaring up or escalating tensions, take them away from the environment to calm down, try to make eye contact when talking them down.
  • If things are getting out of hand, seek help from event or bar staff. In an emergency always call 999.

Leicestershire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable, Adam Streets shares the following video in which he encourages those celebrating the tournament to cheer on their team safely by walking away from situations if they become heated. Adam reminds us of the devastating consequences throwing a single punch can have, including the victim, the victim’s families, and the offender.

Policing plans will be in place across the county to patrol busy town centres on match days. In addition, Leicestershire Police has been working in partnership with licensed premises, supported by national guidance, to ensure bar and event staff are well prepared to keep people safe.

Chief Constable Mark Roberts, NPCC lead for Football Policing, said: “Football brings us together, and it should be a cause for celebration and comradery.

“We need the support of football fans to stop heightened emotion and tensions spilling out of the pitch and into mindless violence in our communities.

“Split second decisions made in the heat of the moment can have devastating, lifelong impact on everyone involved. Take heed of the message and walk away from violence.”