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Walkers Launch Five New Christmas Crisp Flavours in Time for Christmas

Walkers has launched a limited-edition range of festive flavours in time for Christmas – including the divisive Christmas Pudding variety.

The Leicester-based crisp brand has launched five new flavours- Pigs in Blankets, Festival Turkey, Christmas Pudding and two new sensations flavours- Beef Wellington and King Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce.

Leicester Time: Walkers Launch Five New Christmas Crisp Flavours in Time for Christmas
Picture: Walkers

The Walkers and Sensations limited edition Christmas ranges are available now while stocks last.

Wayne Newton, from Walkers, said: “At Walkers, we know that for many of the nation’s snack fans, it wouldn’t be Christmas without us bringing back our much-loved festive crisp range, and this year’s selection is our best, and most extensive yet!

“From delicious, yet potentially divisive, brand new Christmas Pudding crisps and Beef Wellington Sensations, to the ever-popular Pigs in Blankets – these new crisps offer snack lovers a tasty twist of classic Christmas dinner flavours.”

While quite a few fans are excited to try the limited edition pigs in blankets and festive turkey flavours people were less eager to try the new Christmas pudding flavour.

One user said: “Christmas pudding? Why would they make crisps with that taste?”

“See, the Christmas pudding flavour? My brain is just like nope. What does that even taste like anyway?” said one person online.

“Saw them in Aldi but no thanks,” added another.

“Christmas puddings are like Marmite – you either like them or not.”