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A BIRSTALL cosmetic doctor has been struck off the Medical Register, after a tribunal found her guilty of “serious and persistent dishonesty” within her role.

Natasha Ranga, who ran Dr Natasha Clinics in Birstall, is no longer allowed to practise as a doctor in the UK, after coming under the scrutiny of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS).

Picture: Dr Natasha Clinics

A tribunal, which concluded on Friday (March 4), found her guilty of disclosing confidential information about a patient without permission, and passing off other people’s academic work as her own.

Ms Ranga’s practice, which sat on Sibson Road in Birstall, offered cosmetic services such as botox and lip-fillers, which she promoted on her popular 20,000 strong Instagram account.

However, the tribunal heard that she used her platform to discuss a “vulnerable” patient with another doctor via direct messages, breaking Data Protection.

She was also found guilty of plagiarism, another form of bad practice which saw her submit two plagiarised essays between December 31, 2017, and January 5, 2018.

The offence happened whilst she was studying for a post-graduate qualification in clinical leadership and research at De Montfort University Leicester.

On behalf of the General Medical Council, Mr Jackson QC submitted that an immediate order was necessary to suspend Ms Ranga in order to “protect public confidence in the medical profession.”

He submitted that it was inappropriate for her to continue to practice in the light of the tribunal’s findings.

“The tribunal has found that Dr Ranga acted dishonestly and that her actions were compounded in respect of her breach of patient confidentiality,” he said.

“In the Tribunal’s judgement a reasonable and fully informed member of the public, knowing of the tribunal’s findings, would be concerned to learn that Dr Ranga was still permitted to practice.”

Mr Jackson reminded the tribunal of Dr Ranga’s expressions of regret and apology and said that she has since since attended a number of courses related to plagiarism, legal matters, ethics and behaviours.

She has 28 days to appeal the result of the tribunal.