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Almost 200 jobs could be cut at Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police could be cutting the jobs of 188 staff members as it navigates a £5.4m shortfall in its budget.

Although the potential job losses won’t affect police officers, it could mean cutting the jobs of staff members that are doing frontline roles. This includes Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

Leicester Time: Almost 200 jobs could be cut at Leicestershire Police
Picture: Leicestershire Police

This drastic measure is being contemplated despite a hike in the force’s proportion of council tax to the maximum limit of £13 per Band D property, marking a 4.76 per cent increase.

Rob Nixon, Chief Constable for Leicestershire Police, said he was “disappointed and frustrated” by the news, which was revealed during a meeting about the force’s 2024/25 budget.

“I am grateful to the PCC and Panel for approving the maximum percept allowed but from April this year is likely to be one of the most challenging I have known in policing,” he said.

“However, the fact remains that we need to find £5.4m in savings. Put simply, this is because the central government’s grant for Leicestershire is below what we need.

“That said our commitment to delivering vital services is unchanged but the reality is that extremely difficult decisions will need to be made.

“This does include consideration of police staff job cuts as well as driving down non-pay costs. I said at the Policing and Crime Panel that we could be talking up to 188 police staff members as an illustration of the huge challenge we are facing. No firm decisions have been made.”

The proposals mean that Leicestershire Police will maintain the numbers of police officers at 2,242. However the number of police staff roles will be reduced by 8 per cent.

“We continue to discuss the situation with officers and staff across the force,” added Mr Nixon. “On Monday I also spoke directly with the Policing Minister and later this week I am meeting with all senior leaders and the federation.

“Police staff play vital roles in force when it comes to providing an effective, modern police service. We are continuing to work with staff and trade unions on next steps.”