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Charity Sets up Weekly Base in Leicester for Those Facing Food Poverty

A charity which provides aid to people facing food poverty, will be handing out free meals in Leicester’s Golden Mile every Wednesday.

Volunteers from Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS), have moved to their new location at the top of Belgrave Road, where they’ll be based from 12 noon every Wednesday.

They will be providing free food to those in need, during the current cost of living crisis, regardless of their social status.

Leicester Time: Charity Sets up Weekly Base in Leicester for Those Facing Food Poverty
Picture: Pukaar News

Ranjit Thaliwal, one of the volunteers, told the Leicester Times that between 100 and 140 people can be found queuing for the service on a typical day.

“Many of the people who have support from us have homes, but their finances are causing problems,” he went on to reveal.

“The need has definitely increased in recent times.”

MLSS operates on a Sikh based ethos, with the charity providing support to all people regardless of social status. Its mission is to ‘create a world with no barriers; a world where everyone has appropriate access to food, water, warm clothing and shelter.’

The word “Langar” is the term used in the Sikh faith for a general or common kitchen / canteen where food is served for free, without prejudice, judgement, regardless of race, religion, and background.

The term ‘seva’ means selfless service. It involves helping others in a variety of ways, without any reward or personal gain.

MLSS currently serves over 16 cities across the UK, including Leicester which boasts 100 volunteers.

“Some are involved in cooking and then there’s the packing of the food, then the service of the food,” explained Mr Thaliwal.

“We obviously need support so if you can help us through donation, or through volunteering, it would be most appreciated.”

To find out more, or to get involved, visit: