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Energy Saving Tips Revealed at Leicester Pop-up Event

A series of energy-saving tips have been shared at a pop-up event in Leicester, which is designed to help alleviate people’s worries at this challenging time.

The free pop-up event, was held by British Gas in the city’s WH Smith store earlier today (Tuesday, December 13), with support from Leicester charity the Zinthiya Trust.

New research has shown that despite the wider support available, more than 7 in 10 people in the UK are still worried about how they will cope financially with the rising cost of energy.

Speaking to the Leicester Times, Samantha Thompson from British Gas, said: “One of the simplest energy saving tricks is turning your heating down by a single degree. You might not think a small amount would make a difference but according to the energy saving trust, going from 20 degrees to 19 degrees for example, can cut your heating bill down by 10 per cent, for an average three bed-house that could be up to £145 a year.

“Another really important energy saving tip is to reduce your boiler flow temperature. If you’ve got a combination boiler, the default boiler flow temperature is normally set at around 70 degrees. If you reduce that to 55 or 60 degrees, you could save up to 6% on your energy use. Your boiler will work much more efficiently, and you won’t even notice the difference.”

British Gas have been hosting hundreds of pop-up events across the UK.

The scale of this initiative has increased enormously following a successful pilot run of Pop-Ups earlier this year which saw Post Office host over 30 events in 17 locations in collaboration with British Gas and local British Gas Energy Trust funded charitable organisations.

“We’re just trying to tell customers households about the money and energy advice that’s available through the British Gas Energy Trust, no matter who your supplier is,” said Ms Thompson.

“Obviously with prices and the cost of living as it is at the moment, a lot of people are looking for energy advice and support, and we just want to let people know that we are here and that we are listening and British Gas Energy Trust can help them, whether it’s just energy advice that they’re looking for or whether it’s help with benefits that they might not be claiming, or whether it’s grants available because we do have grants available for all customers, if you’re in debt for instance, between £200-£750, there may be a grant available for these people.”

“We know times are really tough for people at the moment, with high energy prices, cost of living, and we just want everyone to know that we’re here to help and we understand.

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