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Fireworks Blamed for Death of Beloved Horse in Syston

A heartbroken horse-owner from Syston, has blamed fireworks, set off on New Year’s Eve for the death of her beloved horse.

18-year-old Talullah, had to be put to sleep due to trauma caused by the fireworks, which were let off in people’s garden’s, says the owner in a heartbreaking Facebook post put out on Spotted Syston.

Leicester Time: Fireworks Blamed for Death of Beloved Horse in Syston
Picture: Unsplash (Generic Image)

Sharing the tragedy, the owner said that Talullah suffered “unnecessarily” as a “direct result of people letting off fireworks in their back gardens.”

The horse, which she describes as her “best friend,” was found lying in the middle of a road in Syston after the fireworks caused her to bolt in fear, straight through a wooden fence.

According to the post, police and an emergency vet attended the scene and managed to get Talullah up and home.

They tried to get her stable and comfortable. However, the shock and potential internal injuries were all too much, and the decision was made to euthanise Talullah on New Year’s Day (January 1).

Despite the highest level of pain relief having been administered, the horse was still in “horrific pain” and was shaking, dripping with sweat, falling over and showing a heart rate of 120.

“My horse of a lifetime is dead and suffered a horrific painful death and I a massive vet bill,” said the devastated owner on Facebook.

“I can’t stop thinking about what I saw and how she suffered so horrendously. I keep seeing flashbacks, all so people can enjoy fireworks at home.

“I am sorry to say it but this unnecessary suffering was a direct result of people setting off fireworks in their back gardens.

“My heart is broken, we have lost our very much loved family pet, my horse of a lifetime gone forever for someone’s few minutes of gratification.”

Talullah’s owner says that part of her reason for sharing the tragedy online, was to urge others to go to organised firework displays in future, and to avoid setting them off at home.

“We all understand that people want to enjoy fireworks, but was it really worth the pain and suffering that it has caused, just to have them at home?” she says.

“For the sake of the other animals and livestock, please can we come together to make sure no other animals suffer a horrific, tragic death like my best friend Talullah did.

“People can do better than this.”