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Leicester man smashed up pharmacy in ‘tooth pain’ rage

A Leicester thug who smashed up a pharmacy and threatened members of the public after he was refused free antibiotics has been jailed.

More Juma, 33, went to City Pharmacy, in Craig Street, Peterborough, at about 11.40am on Tuesday, 21 November, and demanded antibiotics for a tooth problem.

However, when he was told he needed to pay, Juma became aggressive and staff called the police.

Leicester Time: Leicester man smashed up pharmacy in 'tooth pain' rage
Picture: Peterborough Police

In an attempt to calm him down, they gave him a gel for the dental issue but Juma was unable to open it and began to smash up items including computer monitors, card machines and scanners.

In total, he caused about £5,000 in damage. 

Juma then picked up a glass bottle and began threatening customers, striking a man twice in the back who had tried to stop him by spraying a fire extinguisher.

He was eventually restrained by passers-by and arrested by officers.

At Thorpe Wood Police Station, Juma requested to see a custody nurse for his tooth pain, but spat in both her eyes when she opened his cell hatch.

On last Tuesday (20 February), Juma, of Kimberley Road, Leicester, was jailed for 15 months, having been found guilty at an earlier hearing of assaulting an emergency worker, criminal damage and affray.

PC Sam Malton said: “Juma behaved disgracefully towards people who were just trying to help him and I am glad he has faced justice.”