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Leicester Performers Use ‘Gift of the Gab’ to Raise Funds for Mental Health 

Leicester musicians and spoken word performers have raised £1,200 for Leicestershire-based mental health charity, Lamp, at a ‘Gift of the Gab’ fundraising event.

Organised by Leicester musician Kiz and supported by creative agency, Rock Kitchen Harris (RKH), the event, which was held at the Y Theatre, focused on how people can speak up about their mental health, and help others to do the same.

Leicester Time: Leicester Performers Use 'Gift of the Gab' to Raise Funds for Mental Health 
Picture: Lamp

Musicians and spoken word performers spoke up about their mental health through live performances – utilising their ‘gift of the gab’ and guests were also able to enjoy a panel discussion, hot food and drink from Leicester’s Caribbean Xpress, as well as a Gift of the Gab t-shirt.

£1,200 was raised as a result.

Organiser, Kiz, also known as Kieran Gohil said: “Mental health issues aren’t something that should be taken lightly. In some form we’ve all experienced it and we all need to be reminded that when it comes to facing this hurdle, you’re not alone and that there are people around you to speak to and get advice from.

“We’re delighted that the event was a success and that we managed to raise funds for Lamp and also increase awareness of the charity’s services.”

Richard Kotulecki, Chief Executive of Lamp, added: “We’re so grateful to Kiz and the team for organising this event and making such a success of it. The amount raised is fantastic and will support our clients and help to raise awareness of mental health in our community.

“Thank you to the amazing spoken word artists Jamie, Jemima and James sharing their personal experiences with us and highlighting different ways in which we can express ourselves to empower people to speak up.”

A second Gift of the Gab event is being planned for later this year.

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