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Leicester politics student nominated for Student Social Mobility Award

A University of Leicester politics student will be celebrated at the sixth annual Student Social Mobility Awards next month.

Habon Ibrahim has been shortlisted for this year’s Government, Politics & The Public Sector Award, which recognises outstanding achievements in the sectors whilst at university.

Leicester Time: Leicester politics student nominated for Student Social Mobility Award
Picture: Habon Ibrahim

As the first in her family to attend university, Habon had to independently learn how to navigate and manage university life. With the support of charities like upReach and The Sutton Trust, Habon has been able to flourish in her studies whilst at University of Leicester.

Alongside her studies, Habon has been heavily involved with humanitarian work, coordinating aid efforts to those affected by earthquakes in Turkey and volunteering with the UNHCR in Djibouti.

The Student Social Mobility Awards showcase the incredible work being done by individuals and organisations to transform and promote social mobility across the UK. The awards recognise Sixth Form and undergraduate students who have overcome significant obstacles on their path to career success and well as the organisations that have supported them.

Habon said: “Winning the Student Social Mobility Award would have a profound impact on my personal journey and my ability to inspire others. Personally, it would serve as a powerful validation of my efforts and achievements in humanitarian work, reinforcing my commitment to these fields. It would provide me with a greater platform to advocate for the causes I am passionate about, allowing me to reach a broader audience and effect even more significant change.

“In terms of inspiring others, winning the award would demonstrate that dedication, compassion, and hard work can lead to impactful results, encouraging others to pursue their own goals with similar fervour. It would highlight the importance of community engagement and resourcefulness in addressing global challenges, potentially motivating peers and future students to contribute to humanitarian initiatives and helping people. Overall, it would be an honour that amplifies my voice and efforts, enabling me to inspire and empower others to make a difference in their communities and beyond.”

The Social Mobility Awards will be held on 18th July 2024 at Mansion House, London. More information about the awards can be found here.