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Leicestershire Woman Launches App to Connect Childless Adults

A Leicestershire woman has launched an app which is connecting childless adults around the world – helping them to cope with their situation and find happiness again.

The app, ‘Happy and Childless,’ is the brainchild of Helen Gallagher of Hinckley.

The 45-year-old had wanted to start a family. However “time ran out” after she found herself single at 40.

Leicester Time: Leicestershire Woman Launches App to Connect Childless Adults
Happy and Childless Instagram

Finding herself saddled with feelings of sadness, grief and regret, Ms Gallagher launched her app in order to help connect with others in a similar situation, and to help her come to terms with not having children.

“Connection is powerful and coping with childlessness is a never ending task. Let’s face it this is not how it was meant to be. This wasn’t in our life plan and it certainly doesn’t marry up with our childhood dreams,” she said.

“Like everything in life it requires effort, attention and action to survive it.

“Being happy and childless takes it to the next level altogether but with the right thought process, perception, effort and desire to be happy this is possible. I am living proof of it.”

Helen’s ‘Happy and Childless’ journey began with a blog, which turned into a podcast. She then set up a life coaching business to support other childless people.

“The app came about because connection is a huge thing that helped me move forwards,” she revealed.

“I want to share how I have moved on and how I am coping.

“I know we have been handed a set of cards we just didn’t want but it is so important that we play the hand we are dealt and create a new future for ourselves – we do deserve a happy life and with positive thinking and learning to manage our thoughts we can attain this.”

Helen’s app is designed like a dating or friendship app, and allows people to filter other users by location, interest and their reason for being childless.

It enables users to connect with like minded childless men and women and to message directly to people with similar interests.

It also offers access to discounted life coaching and other childless support groups.

She hopes that the app will enable others to feel ‘seen, heard and understood.’

“I see so many women and men struggling with being childless. I had a real passion to share my story in the hope it will help other people,” said Helen of her decision to launch her app.

“When redefining my purpose in life, one thing I wanted to be and do was to be kinder to others and make a difference to other people’s enjoyment if life.”

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