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Leicester’s Jubilee Square Ice Rink Opens Tomorrow

The long-awaited ice rink on Jubilee Square opens on Thursday 1 December, from 5 pm onwards, featuring new decor, off-peak timings, lower prices, food and drinks- all on ice. 

This year’s Jubilee Square ice rink opens tomorrow (Thursday 1 December), until Monday 2 January, with sessions running seven days a week from 10 am to 9 pm. 

Leicester Time: Leicester's Jubilee Square Ice Rink Opens Tomorrow
Picture: Leicester City Council

The ice rink is located within a huge marquee with a capacity of up to 225 skaters who can enjoy skating under any weather, be it hail or storm. The marquee features a brand-new Alpine Style Tavern, alongside twinkling lights and snowflakes to enhance people’s icy experience. A wide range of refreshments is also available within the premises for the skaters to enjoy.

The ice rink has organised several theme nights with takeover sessions by various DJs. Special guests include Gem Radio’s DJ Sparky on 8 December (5-8 pm), Leicester Riders on 10 December and Leicester Tigers on 22 December (10 am – 6 pm).

Each session is for 45 minutes, with ticket prices starting as low as £5 during super off-peak times such as 11 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Tickets on the weekends and peak times on weekdays can range from £12 per adult to £9.50 for students, children and senior citizens. Wheelchair users are also welcome on the ice rink. 

This year, an extra off-peak session beginning at 9 pm has been introduced due to popular demand. Additionally, the ice rink plans to stay open on all days excluding Christmas. This year is the first time the ice rink will remain open on New Years’ Day. 

Tickets can be purchased online or purchased with cash from the ticket office at the ice rink in Jubilee Square. 

Hurry up and get your tickets now for an Early Bird Discount available on any session on the first two days of the ice rink’s opening days. 

The ice rink marks the first of the many festivities Leicester City offers on Christmas. Upcoming events include Santa’s home in Town Hall Square from 3 December. Other attractions include the Wheel of Light on Jubilee Square and the funfair on Humberstone Gate.