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Leicestershire’s Katie Boulter is Britain’s Third Most Influential Tennis Star According to Research

New research reveals Leicestershire’s Katie Boulter as Britain’s third most influential tennis star.

The study, conducted by, analysed the Instagram follower count, engagement rates, and reach of the top ranked British players to establish those who are the most influential, and who could be earning the most through their social media platforms.

Leicester Time: Leicestershire's Katie Boulter is Britain's Third Most Influential Tennis Star According to Research

Picture: Katie Boulter Twitter

Katie Boulter, who hails from Woodhouse Eves, comes in third place with a following of over 160,000, only outdone by megastars Emma Raducanu and Andy Murray. The star, who ranks sixth in the open female Lawn Tennis Association standings, has a reach to almost 50,000 users and post impressions coming close to 60,000. While sporting prowess is her main earner, Boulter could pocket up to an estimated £1,900 with a simple sponsored post on Instagram.
Emma Raducanu topped the list with 2.5m followers, over 30 per cent more than any other British player. This combined with an engagement rate of 8.3 per cent, and a potential reach close to 400,000, mean she could earn up to an estimated £15,600 for a single sponsored Instagram post. At just 20 years old, Raducanu’s high level of influence is all the more impressive.
In second place is Andy Murray, with 1.9m followers. The iconic Scottish player boasts an engagement rate of 6.5 per cent, potential reach close to 325,000 users, and post impressions over 390,000. This sees Murray’s estimated earnings per sponsored Instagram post up to £12,700.

The British number one ranked male, Cameron Norrie, comes in fourth on the influence list. Nearing 150,000 followers, Norrie’s posts make around 55,000 impressions each while his stories are seen by almost 15,000 regularly. With a reach of 44,500, Norrie could earn up to £1,800 with a single sponsored post on the platform.

A spokesperson from commented on the findings: “Few nations are as invested in their tennis as Britain, so it is no wonder that their top players have the influence and the potential to earn that they do. 

“These findings certainly speak for the popularity of the players reaching high heights in the tennis world as well as indicating the enormous potential that some of these players have to achieve stardom on a global scale”.