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Local Arriva Buses Slammed for “Shambolic” Service

A bus operator has come under fire from Leicestershire residents, for its unreliable and “shambolic” service over the past months.

Arriva buses, which operate throughout Leicestershire, have been slammed by residents, who have taken to social media to complain about several local services, including the 31, 58, 153, 158, 126 and 127.

Many have left damning complaints online, detailing their experience of buses running late on a regular basis, and even failing to turn up at all.

Leicester Time: Local Arriva Buses Slammed for "Shambolic" Service
Picture: Pukaar News

“On Saturday, I waited over an hour just for a 158 to Leicester Forest East,” revealed one resident.

“I simply cannot understand how Arriva Midlands East buses in Leicestershire are so shambolic and dreadful.

“This is leaving not only myself stranded in the middle of Leicester, this is leaving vulnerable community’s without a reliable bus service.

“Yesterday at least four 158 busses were missing in a row,” added another.

“I stood from 16.05 until 17.25 in the freezing cold waiting for a 158, as I have stupidly bought a £60 monthly ticket. I felt physically sick from the cold and was almost in tears.

“I paid £60 in good faith for you to provide me with a bus service to get me to work and back. You have failed.

“Your ‘service’ is totally unreliable and not value for money!”

“Late for work again today, and late getting home!” added a third resident on Arriva’s Facebook page.

“Isn’t it about time you sorted out this shambles of a bus service? It’s getting worse by the day! The prices you charge should reflect the service you provide; £0. Just dreadful.”

In response to the complaints, Arriva have said that they are facing a “well documented driver shortage.”

“We are experiencing service delays and cancellations across the country, not just in Leicester, which are directly linked to the well-documented bus driver shortage,” they said.

“However, we have a highly targeted recruitment campaign underway, with Leicester being a key area, and we’re committed to resolving these service issues as soon as possible.”

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