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New Anti-Racism Song by Hollywood Bound Plumber

A Leicestershire plumber, who bagged himself a record deal after being overheard singing at work, has recorded a catchy song, which aims to tackle racism in football.

Kev Crane, from Quorn, was approached to record the tune, ‘Boom, Boom, Boom,’ after being approached by the Refugee Football Network (RFN).

Leicester Time: New Anti-Racism Song by Hollywood Bound Plumber
Picture: Still taken from video for ‘Boom, Boom, Boom’

He was contacted by the organisation, following the publicity surrounding his record deal and plans for a Hollywood film about his life, which are currently in the works.

A music video for the song has just been released. It features Mr Crane alongside football players and fans at Malawi’s Dzaleki Refugee Camp.

Speaking of video, Mr Crane said he found it emotional to watch.

“It was an honour to be asked to be involved,” he told the Leicester Times.

“Me and my wife sat down to watch the video together. She cried and I had tears in my eyes because it was just so overwhelming – to see all these refugees in this camp, singing along with me, even though I wasn’t physically there.

“It was just lovely – really, really nice, and hopefully I might get to meet some of them one day and be able to sing it in person. That’s the dream.”

Last year, Mr Crane was signed by ‘New Reality Records’ after the owner over heard him singing whilst fitting a bathroom.

Soon after, the label was approached by Samuel Fox – an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles – who set up the RFN and wanted Mr Crane to voice their campaign song.

The song ‘Boom, Boom, Boom’ has drawn support from the UEFA Foundation For Children, SOCCEREX and the League One football club Portsmouth FC.

Dwight Yorke is among the players to have lent his support for the track online.

“There’s no need for racism nowadays at all. It’s just cruel, and if this song helps to get the message across, I’m happy to be on board,” Mr Crane said of the song’s message.

Kev Crane has recently released his debut album ‘Then Do It Again.’

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