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Syston Knitter Marks King Charles III’s Coronation in Style

Syston’s Knitting Banxy has returned with a royally fabulous offering to mark King Charles III’s upcoming coronation this weekend.

A woolly version of His Majesty has appeared on a postbox topper in Syston town centre in time for the big day, which arrives this Saturday, May 6.

Leicester Time: Syston Knitter Marks King Charles III's Coronation in Style
Picture: Syston Knitting Banxy

The artist, who has lived in the town for around three decades, has knitted a miniature version of the King wearing the St Edward’s Crown and sitting in the ancient Coronation chair -something we can expect to see on Saturday.

Syston Knitting Banxy (SKB) told the Leicester Times that the woolly wonder took around four weeks to complete, thanks to the level of detail involved.

“Most of my post box toppers take around two to three weeks to create, but I wanted this to be befitting of this moment in history,” she said.

“The extra detail of Charles embroidery to his golden Robe Royal and the beads and gems sewn onto the crown, orb and sceptre took about four weeks to complete.

“I am absolutely a fan of the Royal Family, and looking forward to enjoying this historic event!” she added.

SKB has become something of a local celebrity in recent years – but she chooses to remain anonymous.

“My anonymity is important to me because I don’t need to be known. My reward is to read the lovely comments from people for the Syston Knitting Banxy,” she said of her decision to remain unknown.

“In fact, it is so important to me that I don’t give telephone interviews or TV interviews, even though I have been assured that my voice can be changed and that I can appear in silhouette”, she added. “And besides, the locals love the charm of a mystery!”

To find out more about SKB’s work, visit: