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314 Drivers Fined by New Bus Lane Camera in Leicester

Hundreds of vehicles have been caught and fined for using a bus lane in Groby Road Leicester since a camera was installed last month.

The camera is placed on the city-bound section of the A50, near Medina Road, to ensure that only permitted vehicles – buses, cycles and Hackney carriage taxis are using the bus lane.

Leicester Time: 314 Drivers Fined by New Bus Lane Camera in Leicester
Picture: Leicester City Council

It was installed last month (January 2) by Leicester City Council.

During the first two weeks of January 136 drivers received a warning notice as part of a ‘grace period’ for the scheme.

However since Monday, January 16, 314 drivers have been slapped with a £70 fine, after they were captured using the bus lane illegally.

Council data shows that nine vehicles on average are caught every day by the new camera, which is active 24 hours, seven days a week, including bank holidays.

Explaining the reasons for the camera, Adam Clarke Leicester’s deputy city mayor said: “Keeping our bus network moving is key to ensuring we have a reliable, affordable and convenient public transport system.

“People depending on bus services need to know they will be on time – congestion caused by other vehicles using the bus lanes can cause unnecessary delays and disruption.

“Unfortunately, when other vehicles clog up bus lanes, they slow down those bus services and cause unnecessary disruption and delays.

“The A50 Groby Road is a key part of city’s road network and a vital bus corridor, and therefore camera enforcement will help ensure traffic continues to move freely for the benefit of all road users.”

An average of six buses an hour make use of the bus lane, including the electric Hospital Hopper service, taking NHS staff to work and patients to appointments.

“At peak times Hospital Hopper buses have an average load of 60 people. It’s important they and other bus users get to where they need to be in a timely manner,” added Mr Clarke.