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Grand National Trophy designed by Leicester student

A Leicester student has designed this year’s Grand National trophy, which was handed over to the owner of winning horse ‘I Am Maximus’.

The trophy handed to this year’s Grand National winner on Saturday (April 13), was designed by 21-year-old Ritik Tailor, who has been on a year-long placement with diagnostic company Randox between his studies at DMU.

Leicester Time: Grand National Trophy designed by Leicester student
Ritik (left) holds the 2024 Randox Grand National trophy with silversmith Cara Murphy

Since 2017, as part of its sponsorship agreement with the Grand National, Randox has designed and produced a unique trophy for the winner of the famous steeplechase.  

A small, internal design competition is set up within the company and the winners are chosen by its senior leadership team. For his stand-out design, Ritik became the first placement student at Randox to have their design brought to life.

Ritik said: “It is a great achievement for me both personally and professionally. Being entrusted with such an important design at the start of my placement is quite rewarding.

“It is a great feeling knowing something I have created will be woven into the history of such a prestigious sporting event.”

His design showcases the elegance of a horse mid-jump with nods to Randox’s expertise in biochemistry. A double helix, representing DNA, rises from the base of the trophy and is partially encased by two silver rods that act as its handles.

Leicester Time: Grand National Trophy designed by Leicester student
Concept art for Ritik’s trophy designs

A circular blood drop, which is incorporated into Randox’s logo, sits on top of the double helix, and a silver prancing horse, considered “essential” by Ritik emerges to form the top of the trophy.

Ritik said: “I started off by checking out Pinterest and seeing what different styles of trophies there are. Also looking at the previous trophies that were designed for Grand National, as well as others like sporting trophies such as the UEFA Champions League and World Cup.

“I wanted to capture the racehorse in a way that would make it stand out as the focal point of the trophy.

“After brainstorming a couple of sketches, I decided on a dynamic and lifelike horse sculpture.”

The winning owner will receive the full-size version of Ritik’s trophy, with the winning trainer, Willie Mullins and jockey Paul Townend receiving a miniature version.

Leicester Time: Grand National Trophy designed by Leicester student
A mock-up of the 2024 Randox Grand National trophy, which will be presented to the winning owner at Aintree

Elizabeth Heeney, Graphic Design Team Lead, has managed Ritik during his placement year and praised his eye for design.

She said: “Ritik has truly made his mark within our design team during his placement. His trophy design being chosen over others from multiple designers is a testament to his creativity and talent. We couldn’t be prouder of this year’s Randox Grand National trophy, and I hope Ritik feels the same sense of accomplishment for his involvement in its creation. It’s amazing to think that Ritik accomplished this feat within just four weeks of joining Randox, demonstrating his quick adaptation to the company and his ability to create a design that embodies Randox’s essence flawlessly.”