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Guinness World Record attempt for 64-year-old gym bunny

A super-fit landscape gardener hopes to set a Guinness World Record at at the age of 64.

Dave Sansom, who lives in Ibstock, Leicestershire will attempt to perform the most consecutive dragon flags, an advanced bodyweight core exercise invented by martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

Leicester Time: Guinness World Record attempt for 64-year-old gym bunny
Picture: Everyone Active

The record stands at 135 repetitions, which Dave has already exceeded in training ahead of his official attempt on Sunday, April 7 (8am).

He had hoped to break the record in January but was forced to postpone due to a shoulder injury.

Dave will undertake his attempt in a group fitness studio at Whitwick and Coalville Leisure Centre.

The centre’s fitness manager, Gary Nettel, will be among those present as a specialist witness.

Everyone Active runs its annual Age is Just a Number campaign in October and November, which aims to inspire older people to get active.

However, Dave, an avid gym-goer who wakes at 4am each morning, has taken matters to the next level.

“I am really looking forward to this record attempt and, hopefully, I will be able to deliver on the day,” he said.

“I want to set a mark which will stand the test of time, which will show what someone approaching retirement age is capable of.”

Duncan Gibb, Everyone Active’s contract manager, said: “We are proud and privileged that Dave has chosen Whitwick and Coalville Leisure Centre to make his Guinness World Record attempt.

“We wish him all the best and hope he can make a little bit of history after training so hard over a long period.

“Regardless of whether he achieves the record or not, Dave’s fitness levels are an incredible example of what can be achieved in later years and he has proved beyond doubt that age really is just a number.”