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OVER 100 thrill seekers and charity fundraisers pushed themselves to new limits this morning, by racing to the top of Leicester’s tallest and most iconic building.

The seventh ‘LOROS Tower Run’ took place in the city earlier today (Saturday, March 26), with a total of 135 participants running and walking up to the top of St George’s Tower.

The challenge was to complete all 351 steps as quickly as possible to raise money for local charity LOROS.

The fastest person on the day was Rafal Hazan, who travelled from Poland to take on the tower in a time of 1 minute and 31 seconds. He was followed by David Harris of London in 1:44 and Gareth Dix in 1:50.

John Gregory, a firefighter at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue’s Eastern Station, completed the challenge in full firefighting gear, in a time of 2 minutes, and first lady home was Molly Adams in 2:25.

Speaking to the Leicester Times, Mr Gregory said that he had the utmost respect for everyone on the day who’d come to take on the iconic blue tower, which can be seen for miles across the city.

“People are here for all sorts of reasons. It’s great that you see someone that’s 15-years-old, and then there are people taking part who are 70-80 years old,” he said.

“I’ve met some cracking characters, who are all here for a brilliant cause.

“Our operational fitness is important to us, it’s part of our job and we take it quite seriously as a responsibility for the public, but seeing people here from all walks of life, and all ages”, he added.

“That’s what inspires us to keep going and pushing”.

Taking part on the day, was Jo Remington, whose mum passed sadly away from Cancer just yesterday morning.

She was second lady home, in a gutsy and impressive time of 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

“We wanted to run it for my mum,” she said.

“I know that she’d be looking down on us. I’m so glad we did it because we could have bailed out.”

Jo Remington (left) and Lois Watson

Today’s event is expected to raise over £10,000 for LOROS hospice, which is committed to delivering a high standard of end of life care to those with a terminal illness.

Participants were rewarded with a Tower Run medal as well as a glass of Prosecco once they reached the top of the building.

Andrew Ward, LOROS’ events lead, set up the Leicester Tower Run seven years ago, and says it is definitely a highlight of the charity’s fundraising calendar.

“We see people come back time and time again and they love it,” he added.

“I have done it every year and it never hurts any less!”

By Louise Steel