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Hedgehog to make full recovery after being tortured in Leicester

A hedgehog is recovering after being tortured by kids outside a takeaway in Leicester.

The hog, who has been named ‘Spud’ by its rescuer, was being tortured by a group of children outside a chip shop in Leicester before a woman intervened.

The incident happened at around 5pm last Wednesday (April 24).

Leicester Time: Hedgehog to make full recovery after being tortured in Leicester
Picture: Digby’s Hedgehog Rescue

According to a spokesman from Digby’s Hedgehog Rescue, which is taking care of the traumatised animal: ‘a boy was picking the hog up and dropping him while he was surrounded by his friends, who were laughing. They then started to dare each other to pick the hog up, put him on a bin and watch him fall off.’ 

“Luckily a caring lady stepped in and said something to the group and move the hog away. She put him somewhere safe and waited but the hog just looked at her. The hedgehog was obviously stressed and traumatised so she made the decision to help him and took him home, gave him some food and water and put him in a quiet place and contacted us to bring him in.”

Spud is said to be recovering well and is set to continue recuperating with Lisa Sharma, leader at Digby’s, before moving in with one of the organisation’s volunteers.

“I am absolutely disgusted that some children have no respect for animals and don’t see these beautiful creatures as living beings,” she said. 

“It really saddens me that we live in such a cruel world when here at Digby’s and lots of other rescues are doing so much to try and save these endangered little animals. 

This has broken my heart and makes me wonder what kind of world we live in.”

Digby’s Hedgehog Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation which takes care of sick or injured hedge hogs. 

Since Spud’s story was shared on its social media, donations have flooded in to the charity, which was fundraising for incubators.

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