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Racy New Novel Exposes the Tinder World

An up and coming author from Leicester is revealing the intricacies of the Tinder world in a racy new novel.

Sonii Marie’s book – Tinder Dating – Don’t Play – shares dating disasters and experiences. It features everything from wild one-night stands to heart-breaking rejections – sharing the truth of the modern dating world.

Leicester Time: Racy New Novel Exposes the Tinder World
Picture: Sonii Marie

She said:” ‘These are the stories of girls who experienced being used physically by guys and retaliated in the best way they could. I am not condoning retaliation, but I am definitely encouraging people to read these entertaining stories.’

The book, out today April 23 on Amazon, has already been a best seller In Europe.

‘This story is about empowerment,’ says Sonii.

‘In this book, I share the stories of six women who experienced the highs and the lows of the Tinder world. These are stories that could happen to anyone.’

‘Some of these stories are funny, some are a little scary, but above all- they are true. Told honestly and without prudishness.’

The book details a number of shocking experiences that women have endured on the world-famous app, including harsh rejections. At one point in the novel, a man tells his date: ‘listen, you’re a cool chick, but in person you don’t appeal to me as much because you look different.’

Leicester Time: Racy New Novel Exposes the Tinder World

Another woman, hoping for her ‘fairytale kiss’ finds herself in the middle of a less than romantic one night stand. ‘What are you waiting for? Undress yourself! I’m here. What are you waiting for?’, her date commands.

Sonia adds: ‘Dates have always seemed to me like an introduction to the unknown, a mixture of excitement and immense stress. I used to think that the first date was the most important one. But now it’s different.’

‘Why? Because it often ends after the first date.’

‘Are you looking for the love of your life on Tinder?’ Sonii asks her reader.

‘Be careful: you won’t find a prince on a white horse here. There’s a greater chance that you’ll meet a toad, but even a passionate kiss won’t help…’

Although Sonii was born in Poland, she then moved to the UK living in Leicester, Aylestone, and London fulfilling a childhood dream.

She added: “I grew up as a creative person, but that was not what made me start writing. The inspiration for my stories is real life. It is kind of like a form of therapy. I want to write stories that are written by life itself.”