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A Leicester man who stamped on a victim’s head and repeatedly kicked him has been sentenced to more than ten years behind bars.

Callum McDermott was seen walking in the road in Saffron Lane, Leicester, during the morning of Monday, August 23 last year, stopping vehicles from passing by.

A taxi driver pulled over and approached McDermott.  The defendant then subjected the driver to a violent attack, kicking and punching him more than 30 times while he was lying on the ground.

The 45-year-old victim sustained multiple complex facial fractures and was placed in an induced coma with life threatening injuries.

McDermott, 32, of Oliver Street, was arrested at the scene but during the incident he attacked a number of officers.  One officer’s nose was broken in four places and he also sustained cuts and bruises to his face.

At Leicester Crown Court yesterday (Thursday, May 26), he was sentenced to ten years and eight months in prison for Section 18 Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) with intent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) to a police officer, two counts of assault on an emergency worker and Section 5 racially-aggravated public order.

He was also charged with attempted murder but following a trial earlier this month he was found not guilty of that offence.

Picture: Leicestershire Police

Detective Constable Berni Smith was the investigating officer.  She said: “This was a horrific attack on a man in a public place, in front of a number of members of the public.  Many were left extremely distressed by what they had witnessed.

“Fortunately, the victim survived the attack, although he is still receiving ongoing medical treatment and life for him will never be the same.

“McDermott didn’t just stop at attacking the victim, he then assaulted a number of officers, one of whom sustained significant facial injuries.”

Temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon said: “This was a shocking incident and my thoughts are with the victim and his family.  McDermott’s actions that day were inexcusable.  Not only did he attack a member of the public but officers doing their duty.  Any attack on any police officer is very concerning to us and completely unacceptable.

“Your police officers and staff are normal people who do incredible things. Drawn from our local communities, they are doing an excellent job at the most challenging of times.

“Being attacked and assaulted while they carry out this duty will simply not be tolerated.”