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A LEICESTER teenager has been found guilty of stabbing a man to death, following a trial at Leicester Crown Court.

Omer Nur, of Chartley Road, Leicester, was involved in a fight with victim Usman Patel, 32, in Green Lane Road in Evington in the early hours of July 18 last year.

Usman was stabbed more than 20 times and Nur left the scene. Residents on Green Lane Road called for an ambulance, but Usman died of his injuries.

Forensic evidence linked Nur to the scene – a bottle of sports drink with his DNA was found near to Usman’s body.

Nur was charged with the murder of Usman on July 22, after five days of intense investigative work.


Picture: Leicestershire Police

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Yarwood from East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) said that he hoped today’s guilty verdict would provide some comfort to Mr Patel’s family, whose life was lost needlessly.

“Mr Patel had significant injuries as a result of the fight with Nur, with defensive wounds to his hands, too,” he said.

“This incident did not need to end with fatal injuries being inflicted; Mr Patel did not need to lose his life.

“So many lives have been ruined as a result of this incident, and shows yet again the damage that having a knife in a situation that escalates, can have,” he added.

“The team worked around the clock to piece together what had happened, working with lots of different teams across the force, including digital media experts, forensics, family liaison officers and local beat officers reassuring the residents.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our counsel in this case too, Vanessa Marshall QC and David Matthew.

“While it won’t bring Usman back, I hope the verdict today is of some comfort to his family.”