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Leicestershire Crematorium Offers a Final Journey That is Out of This World

A Leicestershire crematorium is offering people the unique chance to have their ashes scattered in space.

The idea is being launched at Great Glen Crematorium, as part of Westerleigh Group, which has entered into a new partnership with Aura Flights.

Leicester Time: Leicestershire Crematorium Offers a Final Journey That is Out of This World
Picture: Westerleigh Group

The ‘Memorial Launch’ service involves ashes being placed inside a ‘scatter vessel’ which is fitted to a space-capable biodegradable balloon filled with renewable hydrogen gas.

The ashes are released in a gentle cascade around 100,000 feet above the earth and spend the next three-to-six months orbiting the globe until they re-enter the atmosphere, where they seed the formation of clouds and fall back to earth as raindrops and snowflakes all over the world.

The service is something that is “truly out of this world” said Aleksandra Harris, Manager of Great Glen Crematorium.

“For centuries, man has looked up at the stars and dreamed of going into space; while few of us ever get to do this during our lifetimes, there is now the option to travel into space for your final journey,” she explained.

“We are always looking to expand the range of memorial options available to the bereaved in order to give them the widest possible choice and help them to create uniquely personal memorials for their loved ones.”

The ascent and release of the ashes are captured on video to create a treasured memorial for families of the event.

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