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Showaddywaddy Show Christmas Spirit with Charity Donation

The drummer from iconic Leicester band Showaddywaddy, has donated money to The Salvation Army after the Beeston charity shop manager unearthed some of the band’s stolen merchandise.

Formed in Leicester in 1973, the band, which is famous for hits such as Under the Moon of Love, had items – mainly band t-shirts and hoodies, stolen while on tour in September 2022.

Leicester Time: Showaddywaddy Show Christmas Spirit with Charity Donation
Picture: Salvation Army

After spotting some of the stolen items for sale on eBay, Dawn Challenger, wife to band member Romeo Challenger, traced the source of the items to a charity shop in Beeston where the eBay seller had bought the items.

Dawn contacted shop manager, Penny Bailey, who helped her piece together how the items ended up in the charity shop.

Penny said: “I explained how the stock had come to us as it had been put in a Salvation Army clothing bank which we then received to sort and resell items in our shop.

“Unfortunately, we have no way of tracing the items and I immediately offered to send any of the band’s merchandise we had, as there were over a dozen, back to Dawn. Dawn has, in return, donated various items as a thank you to our charity shop.”

Dawn and Romeo wanted something positive to come out of this and visited the charity shop to present a cheque. 

Penny said: “Romeo and Dawn were lovely and took the time to talk with excited volunteers and customers who were in the shop. Romeo really wanted to support The Salvation Army for all of the work they do with the homeless and the cheque is part of that.”