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Sileby Flower Store Goes Viral After Grabbing Miley Cyrus’s Attention

A Sileby flower shop has caught the eye of pop superstar Miley Cyrus, who weaved the lyrics of her latest hit ‘Flowers’ into their Valentine’s marketing campaign.

Leicester Time: Sileby Flower Store Goes Viral After Grabbing Miley Cyrus's Attention
Picture: The Flower Plant (Facebook)

The Flower Plant, in Sileby, is well known for its bold and quirky shopfronts, and the inspiration behind its latest effort for Valentine’s Day has been noted by the singer.

It includes lyrics from her latest break-up anthem ‘Flowers,’ which is rumoured to be about her relationship with ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Kathryn Devereux, owner of The Flower Plant, said that the message of self empowerment behind the lyrics ‘I Can Buy Myself Flowers’ were perfect for the store.

“Aside from the fact that none of us can get it out of our heads, and that it references flowers, we really love the message that no matter what life throws at us, it’s important to value your own self worth above all,” she said.

Miley responded to the store’s effort after being tagged in a customer’s picture on Instagram, which the singer decided to share on her story.

The post was re-shared on The Flower Plant’s own account with the caption “Yesss @mileycyrus” followed by head-exploding emojis.

In the past, the store, which sits in Sileby’s High Street, has drawn praise for its previous efforts, which includes one inspired by the popular sitcom Friends.

in 2021, the shopfront was painted a vibrant shade of pink and branded with the words “How you doin’?”

However, this year, customers have gone above and beyond with praise for the store.

“So smart – creative and the perfect message to project,” said one fan online.

“Best window display yet,” added another. “I always buy my own flowers.”