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New road safety measures are to be installed on a busy school route, which was the site of a serious crash back in 2017.

A zebra crossing and speed humps are due to be installed on the Bowhill Grove area of Scraptoft Lane, in the city’s Thurncourt ward, which is part of a busy pedestrian route to both Scraptoft Valley Primary School and Orchard Mead Academy.

Picture: Leicestershire Highways

That section of Scraptoft Lane currently has no crossing facilities, and ward councillors have been calling for improvements to road safety since 2017, when a 13-year-old boy was left in a critical condition after being hit by a car in the area.

Now, a raised zebra crossing is set to be installed, along with two sets of speed cushions on the approach to the crossing.

As part of the same programme of work, extensive resurfacing work will take place.

Work to install the zebra crossing will take place between October 3-16, with temporary traffic lights in place to allow the work to be done safely.

The second phase of work, concentrating on resurfacing Scraptoft Lane between Nursery Road and Bowhill Grove within the city boundary will take place from October 17 to 21, during which time Scraptoft Lane will be closed to all traffic.

Installation of the two sets of speed cushions will follow in December, and letters have been sent out to residents ahead of work starting.

The decision to install a zebra crossing and speed humps follows local consultations in which the majority of residents who replied (78 percent) supported the proposed improvements.

The installation work will cost about £65,000 and is funded from the Transport Improvement Works budget in the council’s capital programme. The resurfacing works, costing £110,000, are paid for through Leicester City Council’s Highway Maintenance Capital Budget.

“We looked very closely at the layout of this road and where the best location would be for traffic calming measures and a zebra crossing, said Cllr Adam Clarke, Leicester deputy city mayor for transport.

“It is a busy stretch of road, and it is vital that people feel they can cross it safely. Installing these measures will improve road safety and hopefully encourage more people to use the route to walk or cycle to school as a result.

“We are taking the opportunity to carry out much needed road resurfacing work at the same time, to ensure the road remains fit to withstand the wear and tear from traffic and all weathers.”

Local ward councillor Teresa Aldred welcomed the measures. She added: “residents have called for a crossing here, due to it being a route for children at the local schools. I welcome these safety measures and I look forward to seeing this scheme go ahead.”