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Residents in South Wigston are being supported to make greener choices following the installation of new electric vehicle charging points in Countesthorpe Road Car Park.

Fifteen twin fast chargers which are capable of charging two electric vehicles at once are now in place to help locals transition to electric vehicles thanks to Oadby & Wigston Borough Council (OWBC) and partner organisation EB Charging.

Picture: OWBC Climate Change Officer Christopher Harrison and Cllr David Carter

This is the first council-owned car park in South Wigston to be fitted with the charging points, and the fourth within the borough following those already installed in car parks in Oadby and Wigston.

Electric vehicles are a more environmentally-friendly option than conventional vehicles, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and producing significantly fewer emissions resulting in decreased air pollution.

The new points allow residents 24-hour charging access nearby to their homes, increasing the viability of electric vehicles by reducing current barriers to ownership such as difficulties in installing charging points at homes without driveways.

The majority of the funding for the installation (75 per cent) was provided by a government grant as part of the long-term strategy to develop a strong electric vehicle infrastructure nationwide, whilst almost all of the remainder came from EB with a smaller contribution from OWBC.

Councillor David Carter, Chair of the Environment Working Group at OWBC, said: “With the number of electric vehicles rising and the current Government plan to end all sales of new petrol and diesel cars in the future, it is important that the council takes a proactive approach and makes use of the funding available.

“Installing charging points throughout the borough makes electric vehicle ownership more accessible than ever, especially for those who are unable to install their own charging points at home.

“As a council we are also strongly committed to tackling climate change and protecting the environment, and the reduction in emissions and noise pollution will make the borough a cleaner and more pleasant place for all residents.”

Alex Calnan, CEO of EB Charging, said: “This latest addition to the Borough’s charge point network is another positive step towards making the area a greener, healthier, more sustainable place for residents, businesses and visitors.

“Around one in four new car sales is electric, and as more people make the switch to electric cars, we look forward to working with the Council to expand the network even further.”