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South Leicestershire MP Slams ‘Unthinkable’ Decision to Release Colin Pitchfork

The decision to release the convicted child-rapist and killer Colin Pitchfork has been met with ‘deep disappointment’ from South Leicestershire’s MP. 

Alberto Costa has confirmed that he will be writing to the Justice Secretary to seek an ‘immediate and urgent’ review of the decision under the Parole Board Reconsideration Mechanism.

Leicester Time: South Leicestershire MP Slams 'Unthinkable' Decision to Release Colin Pitchfork
Picture: Colin Pitchfork

The South Leicestershire MP has long campaigned against the release of Colin Pitchfork, who raped and murdered two teenage girls in his constituency.

The 63-year-old, who grew up in Newbold Verdon, killed Lynda Mann in Narborough in November 1983 and Dawn Ashworth in Enderby in July 1986.

Mr Costa has been highly critical of the Parole Board’s actions in directing Pitchfork for release in September 2021, before he was then recalled to prison a matter of weeks later due to concerns over his behaviour.

His second release was postponed from 2022 to 2023, but has now been given the go-ahead, with the parole board saying it was no longer necessary to keep Pitchfork behind bars.

Alberto met with the Secretary of State for Justice in March earlier this year, following his question to the Prime Minister in the House of Commons, in which the MP raised serious concerns about the prospect of the Parole Board granting Pitchfork’s release.

Pitchfork, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988, was previously released by the Parole Board in September 2021 before being recalled to prison two months later for breaching his licence conditions.

Speaking about the decision to release Pitchfork, Mr Costa said that he was ‘deeply disappointed’. 

“It is unthinkable that a man who committed such callous and brutal crimes, and who was previously released and then speedily recalled, should ever be released, and I will be asking the Government to challenge this decision in the strongest possible terms,” he added.

“Quite understandably my constituents will be hugely upset by this decision; Pitchfork’s heinous crimes continue to cast a shadow over South Leicestershire and therefore many remain highly concerned at the prospect of Colin Pitchfork again facing release. It is clear to many that this man still presents a very danger to the public, and therefore I will continue pressing the Government to have this decision reviewed as soon as possible. As ever, my thoughts remain with the families of Lynda and Dawn at this most difficult time”.